February 11, 2010

I took my dream down by the sea...

I once lived in a house on the sand. It was torn down yesterday but these memories remain...

Ocean Ann Allen swimming with the dolphins
A little boy brought home
A hand-painted wall with Pooh and a tree
Sitting on the sand
A blue and white checkered room for mom
The art room
Carrying a little girl in from the car, asleep
Falling through a window on a rocking chair
Cliff and his dog
False alarms
Pounding on the floor for Summer and Andy
Black and white checks on the kitchen floor
Watching Fourth of July fireworks from our bed
Drawing Teletubbies with Cooper
Watching Jeopardy with Mom
A sandwich from La Dolce Vita
The Corner Store
A marriage falling apart
Sand in my bed
Watching a beloved cat take his last breath on the bathroom floor
Sand piled so high you could barely see the ocean
Hans and Sean
Calvin Johnson
Taking care of mom in her last days
Todd playing guitar and mom and Summer singing in the art room
Cooper coming to my house while singing, "lalalalalalalala"
Chester carefully walking on the wet sand
Watching out the window for Summer's school bus
Andy's very hot water bed
The suicide birds
Summer's friends performing at our house
Andy's Retreat
A bright yellow wall and a ceiling fan
Sex and the City marathons
Mom walking back and forth from her little house
A very pregnant sister
Audra, Tianna, Brittany
Hair dye in my bathtub
A visitor from Erie, PA
Early morning sounds of a hot rod leaving
Cliff's coughing
Ami as a young girl
Cooper in his diaper with the water hose
Foggy days and nights
Crystal and Summer
Mom rocking Cooper in the glider
Mary's overnight visits
Summer's messy room
Morris the cat
Dennis Driscoll's visit
Pink giving birth to kittens
Dog poop in the sand
Mom tap dancing in the kitchen with Summer and Mary
A possum on my porch
The sound of waves
Attack of the prehistoric bug in Summer's room
Andy and Ami, the beginning...
The first cup of coffee with mom...."ahhhhh"
Family parties on the deck
A vegan Thanksgiving
Bryan unraveling
Three cats on the bed
Taking mom away from home for the last time

I took my share down by the sea
Paper plates and Javex bottles on the tide
Seagulls come down and they squawk at me
Down where the water-skiers glide. -Joni Mitchell


Posted at February 11, 2010 11:18 AM


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